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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Host

So, guys, if you are still searching for Big Boss Season Malayalam Voting Poll, then stop searching Now!!! Because… we are back again to solve your all problems regarding Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Season 4.

[Live] Bigg Boss 4 Malayalam Voting Poll @1st Week

here, you can easily Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote results for Your Favorite Contestants in the voting poll.

Malayalam Bigg Boss Overview

Show NameBigg Boss Malayalam Season 4
Winner NameUpdate Soon
Official ChannelAsianet TV
Show Host NameMohanlal Viswanathan
GenreReality Show
Prize Money50 Lakh INR
Official Branding PartnersAsianet TV & Hotstar
Running No. of Days105
Show Timing (Mon – Fri) – Weekdays09:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Show Timing (Sat-Sun) – Weekend09:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Contestants ListGiven Below
Production CompanyEndemol India
Voting MethodHotstar / Google / Missed Call

Malayalam Bigg Boss Voting Poll

  • Malayalam Big Boss 4 Voting Process 2022.
  • How To Submit Vote in Malayalam Big Boss Voting Polls 2022?
  • How To Check Big Boss Malayalam Season 4 Voting Results?

Actually, I was getting many queries regarding BiggBoss Malayalam Voting to mention Above.

After getting these types of queries from our lovely Big Boss Users, I thought why not share an amazing post on Big Boss Malayalam Voting Poll. Where you can easily Bigg Boss Vote for your favorite contest and save them from eviction.

Not only voting, you can also check the results of Big Boss Malayalam Online Voting!!! So, guys without wasting more time in talk, Let’s get started with BiggBoss 4 Voting Polls.


Firstly, all you need to know is What is Bigg Bossand “What is the Role of Voting in Big Boss Malayalam?”

Big Boss Malayalam Reality Show 2022

Big Boss Malayalam reality show debuted his second year, boss Malayalam was aired for the first time in 2019 last year on Asianet TV, and this show is seen as host to superstar Mohanlal.

But this year, Biggboss Malayalam season 4 is back again, and you can watch it live on Asianet TV, and this reality show can be seen on the Hotstar apps and Hotstar official site. This year it will be possible to see 15 to 23 contestants participating in the show, who will spend 15 weeks means 105 days in this Big Boss house.

Each week start the afternoon, few contestants will probably be nominated for Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote result removal. The voting procedure will determine the contestant who must get removed. Nominations will be finished by contestants, voting will survey by viewers.

The voting procedure for Bigg boss Malayalam will start after the telecasting of the Sunday episode. The show has been screened on the Asianet community and can be accessible on Hotstar. This year winner will get a cash prize of roughly 50 lakh along with a huge golden trophy.

This year’s Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote season 4 can be seen live on Star Network’s company’s Asianet TV. The show will run for about 105 days, from the first week of September to the last week of December. You can also watch this reality show directly on the Asianet channel and the Hotstar application and the Hotstar official site.

This year, you can see something new at Biggboss Malayalam 4, “Big boss Malayalam Unseen,” “spicy episodes” and “Big boss 2022”. You can view these at any time on the Hotstar app or the Hotstar official site.

Big Boss Plus is aired on Asianet Plus, revealing a portion of this day not contained on this season, from’ maintain waking-up telephone’ into’ light ‘

The yearly winner will get a cash prize of about 50 lakh rupees together using a decoration. The show will air from Monday to Sunday at 9.30 p.m. and at 10 p.m.

Role of Voting in Malayalam Big Boss 4

Consistently, Few candidates are welcome to Big Boss house where they live respectively and these Contestants are called Housemates. These Housemates lives with each other inside the Big Boss house and they faced different types of the task which is given by Big Boss.

Consistently 1 hopeful is disposed of and consequently, the person who remains until the end will Win the Show.

Best Ways For Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Online 2022

  • Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Through Hotstar App
  • Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote 2022 Through Google
  • Malayalam Big Boss Voting Through Missed Call
  • Online Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Poll On Our Site.

Here I’ll tell you some of the Best Ways to Do Online Malayalam Bigg Boss Voting 2022. So just check out these different types of Voting methods.

So, guys these below are some of the best ways to Do Online Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting. With the help of anyone method, you can easily vote for your favorite contestant of Malayalam BB Season 4 and save them from Elimination.

Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Season 4 Online throw Hotstar

  • Step 1: Download Hotstar Android Or IOS Application From Google Play Store/ App Store.
  • Step 2: Go To Google Play Store & then, Search Hotstar.
  • Step 3: Download the First Official Application (Hotstar Application).
  • Step 4: Open the Hotstar Application.
  • Step 5: Create a New Account Or Just Sign In With Google Or Facebook Login or Gmail Login.
  • Step 6: Write Bigg Boss Voting In Search Bar.
  • Step 7: Find the Malayalam Big Boss Contestants List.
  • Step 8: Nominated Contestants Will Be Shown There With Pictures.
  • Step 9: Select Your Favorite Contestant and Hit The Submit Button.
  • Step 10: Done, Your Vote Has Submitted.
Watch Big Boss on Hotstar

If you want to add your vote in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4, you can use the Hotstar app to vote. With this process, Asianet television station Hotstar uses the platform to conduct its own voting elections.

You like to participate in Bigg Boss Malayalam voting with your Android phone or iOS phone. Then it is very easy to do this with Hotstar. When you visit the home page of the Hotstar App, you will see big banner advertisements for Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4.

Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Poll Through Google

  • First, all you need Open Google Chrome on your gadget.
  • Then, Type “Bigg Boss Voting” or “Bigg Boss Vote Result” or “Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting Polls” on Google Search Bar.
  • After clicking on the above button you’ll get the nominated contestants list.
  • You will get 50 Votes per day.
  • Now, Just select your favorite contestant whom you want to vote.
  • Not only this, but you can also split your 50 votes in different contestants.
  • That’s It!!! Just Vote and wait for the Elimination Day.
Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting by Google

Bigg Boss Malayalam Dear friends, did you know that you can also vote in Bigg Boss through Google? Now we will tell you that, you can vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Malayalam contestants directly from Google.

Bigg Boss has partnered with Google to conduct a voting survey on the Google search page. You do not need to visit some sites to download the Bigg Boss Malayalam application. With this process, you are in a place to vote your favorite Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant through Google.

This is a great way and can be quite easy for all the common people. We have already shared the process for the vote by Google above, please follow carefully.

Malayalam Bigg Boss Vote Through Missed Call 2022

  • First of all, Pick your phone.
  • Then, enter 10 Digit Missed Call Number of your favorite contestant.
  • Now, just press the Green button of your mobile i.e. Call button.
  • That’s It!!! Your vote will be cast in few minutes.

This is one of the easiest as well as the oldest way of Bigg Boss Vote Result. With the help of this easiest way, you can put your vote on your favorite Bigg Boss contestant within few seconds.

This is one of the easiest and most popular voting mechanisms, all you have to do here is make a missed call to your favorite Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant. To do this, you must first dial the number of your favorite contestant on your mobile, then call that number and make a missed call to Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4.

By doing this you can save your favorite contestants from the nomination process.

first, check the Bigg Boss Contestants Missed Call number then follow the above steps.

BiggBoss Malayalam Contestants Missed Call Numbers

ContestantMiss Call Number/CodeStatus
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House
UnknownUpdated SoonIn the House

Big Boss Malayalam 4 Contestant List 2022

Do you know all the contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4? If not, then you can take a look at the list of Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 Contestants.

Serial No.Contestant Name Update SoonStatus in the House
1Update Soon.N/A
2Update Soon.N/A
3Update Soon.N/A
4Update Soon.N/A
5Update Soon.N/A
6Update Soon.N/A
7Update Soon.N/A
8Update Soon.N/A
9Update Soon.N/A
10Update Soon.N/A
11Update Soon.N/A
12Update Soon.N/A
13Update Soon.N/A
14Update Soon.N/A
15Update Soon.N/A
16Update Soon.N/A
17Update Soon.N/A
18Update Soon.N/A

Big Boss Malayalam Season 4 Nomination Process

As we all know, every week, some contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam are nominated for eviction from the Bigg Boss Home. The response of each contestant to Bigg Boss nomination to another contestant is called nomination.

This process is conducted through certain tasks or in a secret room in the Bigg Boss house. Each contestant is called one by one in the secret/confession room. The contestants then go to the confession room and name the contestant they want to nominate and also have to explain the reason for nominating them.

There are also many other reactions to the nomination, which are nominated by Bigg Boss in different weeks to evacuate the contestants through different reactions. Sometimes there are processes about which contestants are not allowed to discuss with each other and no one is allowed to manipulate one’s mind.

After each contestant is done with this process, all contestants are asked to enter the hall room and then Bigg Boss starts announcing the nominated contestants. Contestants with the most requests are nominated for elimination.

Big Boss Malayalam 4 Nomination list of each Week

Week No.Nominated ContestantsEliminated
Week 1not started yet.N/A
Week 2not started yet.N/A
Week 3not started yet.N/A
Week 4not started yet.N/A
Week 5not started yet.N/A
Week 6not started yet.N/A
Week 7not started yet.N/A
Week 8not started yet.N/A
Week 9not started yet.N/A
Week 10not started yet.N/A
Week 11not started yet.N/A
Week 12not started yet.N/A
Week 13not started yet.N/A
Week 14not started yet.N/A
Week 15not started yet.N/A

Big Boss Malayalam 4 Eviction Process

After the nomination process is complete, either one or more of the contestants of the house has to leave the Bigg Boss house at the end of the week due to a lack of votes at the weekend.

Let me tell you after the nominee’s contestants are announced, voting lines begin, and Bigg Boss viewers can start voting to save their favorite contestants from getting out of the house or running out of time in their house.

At the end of the weekend, Bigg Boss Malayalam host, Mohanlal Sir announces the name of the contestant ending in Bigg Boss house. This entire response is based on the elimination votes. The contestant will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss Malayalam house with the fewest votes.

After it ends, the contestant will leave the house through the main gate and after leaving the house his luggage will be delivered to him.

Big Boss Malayalam Season 4 Live Time and Day (Daily)

Monday to Friday09:30pm to 10:30pm
Saturday and Sunday09:00pm to 10:00pm

Big Boss Malayalam Season 1 | Highlight

Bigg Boss Malayalam season 1 first series aired on 24 June 2018 and ended on 30 September. Since the series has been provided by fans for immense love and support. The first season itself was a huge success, causing the producers to return to the second season.

The show ran successfully for 90 days and Mohanlal hosted the show. The winner has received prize money of $ 1 million. There have been many major changes and changes during the show.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 Contestant List

The contestants faced maintenance and challenges that they were successful in completing. Sabmoon Abdussamad was the winner of Season 1 of Bigg Boss. He was one of the 18 contestants who won the prestigious award.

Big Boss Season 1 Malayalam Contestant List

Contestants NameOccupation
Anoop ChandranFilm, TV actor
Diya SanaActivist
Aditi RaiFilm actress
Manoj K. VermaBusinessman
Ranjini HaridasTelevision personality
Archana SuseelanTV actress
Pearle MaaneyTelevision anchor, Film actress
Shweta MenonFilm actor
Sabumon AbdusamadActor, Television anchor
Aristo SureshFilm actor, Singer
Srinish AravindTV actor
David JohnModel, TV actor
Sreelakshmi SreekumarTelevision anchor, Film actress
Basheer BashiEntrepreneur, Actor
Hima ShankarFilm, Theater artist
Deepan MuraliTV actor

Big Boss Season 1 Malayalam Wild Card Entries 2018

Two contestants came home with a wild card. The model was the guest of Anjali Amir and the second entry to promote her new dance reality television series. The final contestant was Shias Karim.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 Winner — Sabuman Abdussamad

Host – Mohanlal ViswanathanWinner – Sabuman Abdussamad Year – 2018

The show surfaced on 30 September 2018 with Pearle Manny, who declared Sabuman Abdussamad the winner of the first season. Shias Karim, Srinish Aravind, and Katakana (Finnish Order) were the other finalists.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 Winner

Sabuman Abdussamad has been declared the winner in the grand finale on 30 September 2018. Sabuman was one of the most expected title winners of the show.

Television reality shows Grand Finale on 30th September 2018. Popular TV anchor Sabuman Abdusamad won Mohanlal’s show, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1. And 1 crore as prize money along with the big trophy.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Winner — Canceled

Host – Mohanlal ViswanathanCanceledYear – 2020

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 came on television on January 5, 2020. It started with a house located in Chennai. The host of the season is superstar Mohanlal. The winning cash prize for Season 2 is Rs. 50 lakhs. The grand finale of the show was Canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. So it was stopped for broadcast from 20 March 2020.

The TRP at the start of season 2 is 11.03 which is again a good TRP rating for a show. The title winner is yet to be announced by the makers of the show. The total number of housemates for season 2 is 23. According to the Times of India, the show has ended due to the coronavirus pandemic. And all the contestants accepted the decision saying this. Host Mohanlal said that the season was a revolution among the audience.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Winner — Manikuttan

Host – Mohanlal ViswanathanManikuttanYear – 2021

Bigg Boss Season 3 has been started 4th February 2021. And the final is going to be held on 30th May 2021. The total prize money for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 is ₹75 Lakh. Manikuttan won Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3.

bigg boss malayalam season 3 winner Manikuttan

Actor Manikuttan has been crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. The actor has secured the highest number of votes in the online public poll conducted by the team following the recent suspension of the show due to the second wave of COVID-19. Manikuttan has won a flat worth Rs 75 lakh along with the trophy. The actor received the winning trophy from super-star host Mohanlal at the grand gala finale.

While model Sai Vishnu has been named the 1st runner up trophy, Dimple Bhal is the second runner up, followed by other finalists Ramzan Muhammad, Anoop Krishnan, Rithu Manthara, Kidillam Feroz, and Noby Marcos.

Big Boss Malayalam Host Mohanlal Viswanathan

Big Boss Malayalam Host Mohanlal Viswanathan

Big Boss hosts Malayalam superstar Mohanlal sir, from the first season to the second season, Once all the votes are cast and checked by the Team of BiggBoss, at that point the last Bigg Boss Vote Result is declared.

Mohanlal will announce the results of Voting in Week-End Ka Waar(Saturday or Sunday) and that individual needs to go out.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Que — How to see Big Boss Malayalam 4 Result 2022?

Ans — Get your favorite contestant BiggBoss Vote Malayalam result is here. Voting ends every Friday at 12 noon. You have 50 votes per day for each contestant.

Que — Who will be evicted from Big Boss 4 Malayalam this week?

Ans — update soon. after the show started

Que — How can I register to vote in BiggBoss?

Ans — You do not need to register to vote in the Malayalam vote of BiggBoss. You have several options to vote for your favorite contestants.

Que — How to vote for Big Boss Malayalam outside India?

Ans — You can go anywhere in the world to Malayalam Big Boss Voting. Choose your favorite contestants and survey him/her with 50 votes.

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