Rohan Mehra

  • Nationality: Indian
  • Occupation: Actor

Rohan Mehra hails from Amritsar and is a famous actor with chocolate boy looks to fall for. He presently lives in Mumbai. His motto is live and let live. He is famous for the role of Naksh.


18 thoughts on “Rohan Mehra”

  1. This is not fair bigg boss how can u let the common people win when they poured water on the celebrities clothes I am very sorry bigg boss but this is really bad

  2. Rohan & Gaurav play very well n celebrity’s behave decent but commners needs to improve n they present common ppl but very disappointed with commners.celebritys really behave decent.common ppl behave lyk gawaar……. really thank ful to big boss Priyanka jagga out of this game.please give some power to celebs. Thanks.

  3. I really like Rohan!!!!! He’s doing really well in the show!!! I wish him all the very best for future and I hope that he wins the show!!!!!!!

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