Priyanka Jagga

  • Nationality: Indian
  • Occupation: Director of Recruitment and Marketing of International BPO

Born in Panipat, Haryana, Priyyanka Jagga also popular as Pari, presently lives in Noida. She works as a Director of Recruitment and Marketing of International BPO. Her hobbies are dancing, playing badminton, singing and talking to everyone. She believes that she is very upfront and that she doesn’t look like a married mother. Her motto in life is live and let live.


14 thoughts on “Priyanka Jagga”

  1. worst personality ever.
    Ghatiya soch, ghatiya language, makes issues out of just nothing. somebody should literally hit her on her face. I pity on her husband and other family members.

  2. Please back priyanka jagga….
    Without u bb10 boring ur smartest commoner ye baki ke bechare muture nhi itne.. I can’t watch irritating Rohan any more..

  3. lolzz who want priyanka back i said call her k again and kick on her ass bullshit she was abuse for india i didnt think k india may itnay ghatiya log hain proyanaka jese please big boss ayse logo ko la kar india walon ki isult na karain cause personally experience hai k india may bohat achay or decent log hai per bigg boss may aam admi sub jahil or batameez hain game khela jata hai cheatings nahi ki jati

  4. priyanka ko bb10 se bahar karna chahye q k wo nachirli ganda kelti hai task jetna alagh hai magr us k liye iutni giri hui kam nahi karni chahye

  5. She is the most uncultured and shameless female contestant. What will she teach her children ? Will her child be able to face the common people after the heinous act of peeing on her pants in front of national tv just for a silly game ….. dosent it sound cheap and weird??? Jagga – You are so very CHEAP…..just leave the house and let peace prevail.

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