Manveer Gurjar

  • Nationality: Indian
  • Occupation: Player

Manveer Gurjar is from Aghapur in Noida and likes to dress up, travel, chill out with friends and play kabaddi. His motto is ‘Don’t stop, keep moving.’ He is lovingly called as Baba, Chacha and Manu amongst friends and family.


65 thoughts on “Manveer Gurjar”

  1. His macho looks make him look haughty and arrogant at times. But if you leave aside your own prejudices , he is much more respectful towards other contestants especially female housemates than others.
    He looks to be a down to earth, straight forward, son of soil kind of a person.
    He is my favorite contestant because I like his conduct and simple yet strong and vibrant personality.

  2. Manveer bhai ap jeet kr aao yhi dua krta hu..latth gaad do is pr ake apne gujjar biradri ka naam roshan kiya h bst of luck bhai ji. 🙂

  3. Man veer is a true guy and he knows how to stand for and with fried I vote him for save big boss
    Or salman bhai ko slam
    Salman bhai I m from England playing cricket I met u in Dubai

  4. You are the funniest person in the show, bringing Indiawale in the show was the best idea ever, the best big boss season so far. And manveer you are the man, you speak your mind, you are super funnny. Most importantly you are yourself. Keep it up you and Manu

  5. Aslam -o- alikum,

    Manveer Gurjar ap phly gurjar ho buht acha laga ho …….Ayse hi khalta raho ,, my best wishes or jeeto….

  6. oh mere veere moj kardi bhai ap hi jitoge or chandila aapke sath hai or bhai ya rohan mehra utha denge adhar bs tu dhiyan rakh apna bhai

  7. Awesome player…., different personality, co-operative and genuine like true human being. people wants and wish that you will win this season. keep it up man..I support you manveer.

  8. lge rho bhai manvee dho rhe ho app OM G ko OM G gdha hai usko ye nhi pta ki national channel pr kya krna hai kya nhi or priyanka to OM G ki beti ki upadhi sahi di hai relation achhe lg rhe hai dono ke OM G and priyanka ke jaise OM vaisi Priyanak TRP ke kuch vi kr skte hai

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