Bani accepts that she de-motivates Lopamudra

On Weekend ka Vaar tonight, the housemates will be asked questions about some of the contestants and they have to answer in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 5 or more ‘Yes’ would get the contestant slapped. Rohan is the first to sit on the task chair. Salman asks the housemates if Rohan is using Swami Om like a ‘Kathputli’ and five of the contestants say yes. Next in line is Manveer, about whom Salman asks if he is just following Manu in the Bigg Boss house. He too gets a slap.

The most interesting question is about Bani and Salman asks if Bani instigates Lopamudra without any reason. She gets slapped and Salman asks her if it is true for her. Bani replies that it isn’t true. But she also adds that in a task whenever she gets a chance to de- motivate Lopamudra and motivate someone else she does that because she wants to.

With that, the tiff between these two ladies is out in open once again! Tune in tonight at 9PM to see how Lopamudra reacts to this!

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